Vehicle advertising generates a whopping 97% recall rate vs. less than 20% for billboards and other stationary advertising. Plus your ad gets shown on the job site, showing potential customers that you’re a trusted service provider.

Each vehicle generates 30,000 to 70,000 impressions when it’s on the road, a whopping 18 million opportunities for people to recognize your brand each year. You control the cost of your advertising and you control where your advertising gets seen.

Every time you stop at a light, every time you park at a job site, every time you pass a car on the highway, every eye that sees your vehicle recognizes a professional serving discerning clients.

500% better recall than billboards at a fraction of the cost

We were looking for a new Apparel/Promotion company to create a new logo for our company. Reached out to Supersport USA and these guys did a fantastic job,. They wrapped all 10 of our company's trucks, also had them make us T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and Pens they all came out beautiful. Ralph and crew were truly fantastic and they earned our trust and business for the future !

Al B., Westport Appliance Repair

About a year ago I posted on Facebook looking for some help in getting some new T-Shirts done for my business. I needed some help with a new logo as well. A few people mentioned Ralph Sharp over at SuperSport USA in Malden. Ralph reached out to me almost immediately and asked me to stop by the shop so we could go over some stuff. I sent him everything I had and he did his thing with it. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result when I walked in. They have done my vans, all of our uniforms, and all of our social media flyers, covers, digital media etc. We went from doing smaller jobs to landing much bigger contracts over the last year as a direct result of their help, and their commitment to their customers. When I needed my van for an emergency- the guys stayed up until 2 in the morning getting in done for me the previous night. I can’t say enough about the customer service, and hospitality these guys show.
Thanks again for all your hard work

Mike Petraglia, Petraglia Services, Boston Paint and Design

SuperSport has been my “go-to” for the last 30 years! The talent and turnaround time are top notch. From screen-printing all our staff uniforms, to lettering our vehicles to creating our marketing designs, Ralph and his crew handle it all. SuperSport is the best of the best!

Tony Howard, ABH Services, Inc. Malden, MA

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